Metro Ormoc CommunityMultipurpose Cooperative (OCCCI) Since 1978


Metro Ormoc Community Multi-Purpose Cooperative (OCCCI) was organized on August 25, 1978 and was founded by Rev. Fr. Oscar Lorenzo and Sister Carmela Mitaran, OSB. The cooperative started with only 78 members with P 5,850.00 paid-up capital. By providing funds through credit was the first service of the cooperative. First members who patronized the service of the coop were parents of the Christian Children Funds Beneficiaries, Farmers and Other Parishioners of Saints Peter & Paul of Ormoc City. The cooperative growth, at the beginning years it was established, was fragile and sluggish because of the traditional ways to encourage our members to avail the services offered as well as because of the limited services and scarcity of the right and qualified personnel for the operation. Before, at around 1983-1988, the cooperative struggled for funds and resources because of the high delinquency rate at the same time Net Loss was at Php20,000.00 per year, and one reason for that difficulty is the perception of the members because OCCCI started as a project of the Church. For the succeeding years, the coop suffered losses and difficulties. In the year 1990, the cooperative started to thrive for higher ground with the help of a local priest, Msgr. Jaime Villanueva, and was confirmed by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) as a Credit Cooperative on 1991. Since 1994, the cooperative was able to offer new innovative services to its members like Coop Paninda Loan and exploited to other business ventures like housing projects, transpo business and merchandising. On 1997, OCCCI was registered as a Multi-Purpose Cooperative. On the year 1999, the cooperative’s assets reached a total of Php24,406,419.00 and a total gross income of Php4,217,930.00. On the year 2000, the coop elected its first General Manager, Jose R. Mosquite, which consequently sparked constructive changes for the coop such as the adoption of new policies, technology, services, manpower and diverse gainful benefits for its members. As time went on, the sole authority of the top management was remodeled into a team-initiated leadership scheme headed by three Chief Officers culled from the concept of the Holy Trinity. At present, the cooperative’s total assets has reached Php 1.511.31 Billion with a total gross income of Php 221.11 Million and has a registered total membership of 51,783 consolidated regular and associate members and still strides in its committed service of creating well-being for all its constituents through conception of various wholesome products and services which prove to be beneficial to the society as a whole.